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Iranian President Prescribes Democracy for Palestine, Forgets to Check Iran's Pulse

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi proposes a democratic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while ironically overlooking the lack of similar democratic processes in Iran. His plan includes a single-state solution based on voting by all Palestinians, starkly contrasting with Iran's own political landscape.
World Affairs

Nuclear Peacemaking: Minister's Explosive Diplomacy Shakes Up the Art of International Relations

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu's eyebrow-raising endorsement of nuclear options for Gaza turns diplomacy on its head, marrying biblical vengeance with atomic-age zeal in a satirical twist on international relations. When hyperbole and policy collide, Eliyahu’s statements beg the question: Is reality the new satire?
World Affairs

Yemen's Percolating Peril: Decoding the Bitter Grind of a Forgotten Brew

Yemen's crisis‚ÄĒwhere Houthi rebels and a Saudi-backed government stir a bitter blend, while the world's response simmers on the back burner, leaving a humanitarian disaster brewing in the pot.
World Affairs

The Enigma of Canadian Special Forces in Israel

Canada's elite JTF2 troops have tiptoed into Israel, and the official story is they're just there to fluff pillows at the embassy. Are they moonlighting as peacekeepers or auditioning for a cameo in the next Middle East action saga.
World Affairs

Eviction Extravaganza: Pakistan's Misstep in the Mass Migrant March-Out

Pakistan's decision to expel over a million undocumented Afghan migrants is creating a humanitarian crisis, with the move likely to backfire by disrupting its own economic and social fabric while exacerbating the strain on Afghanistan's limited resources.
World Affairs

Mainstream Media's Glaring Gaza Gaffes: It's Not About Gaza, It's About Us

Western media's coverage of the Gaza conflict showcases deep-rooted societal biases, revealing more about Western cultural prejudices than the events in the Middle East.
World Affairs

Gen Z's Latest Trend: Rejecting Propaganda, Embracing Global Solidarity! #FreePalestine

Spotted the coolest dance trend on the streets: Gen Z holding Palestinian flags and doing the 'solidarity shuffle.' I mean, who needs a history book when you can learn about global issues through TikTok, right?
World Affairs

UN Human Rights Official Resigns, Labels Gaza Situation a 'Textbook Case of Genocide'

Dramatic UN Resignation: Mokhiber condemns "textbook genocide" in Gaza, accusing Western governments of complicity.

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