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There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy. It is based on a number of factors, including ad placement, demographic, even the consumer’s mood.
Light Package
/ month
1 sidebar banner (320x440px)
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Standard Package
/ month
1 sidebar banner (320x440px) and 1 fullsize banner (1170x128px)
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Custom Package
3+ banners on every page
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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. We will be glad to help and let you know more about all our marketing and advertising options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will see my ad?

Well, dear advertiser, let's get straight to the point: if your ad doesn't feature a cat riding a vacuum or an elderly person attempting TikTok dances, the numbers might look bleak.

Kidding! (Mostly).

At SetUnit, we boast an expansive readership that's always hungry for fresh, satirical content. While we can't promise that every single one of our readers will pause their pursuit of chuckles to admire your ad, we do offer impressive visibility metrics in the realm of online satire. Your ad will nestle comfortably among our premium, grade-A, free-range, grass-fed articles, reaching tens of thousands of eyeballs daily. And if statistics bore you, just imagine an army of penguins. Now, imagine each penguin represents a viewer. Quite a crowd, right?

In all seriousness (a word we rarely use), our ad placement strategy ensures that your message gains maximum exposure among a demographic known for its sharp wit and penchant for satire. Still not convinced? Drop us a line, and we might just whip up a mock ad featuring that vacuum-riding cat just for you. 😺🌀

How big is your auditory?

Oh, you mean audience? No worries; we often get those mixed up with the daily sound of laughter echoing in our offices. But to answer both:

Auditory: On average, our team has ears measuring about 2.5 inches, give or take a few centimeters for those with elvish ancestry. We’re still trying to figure out if our exceptional hearing is due to our love for subtle satire or if we’ve evolved to detect even the faintest whisper of breaking news. (Or it might be the coffee. It's probably the coffee.)

Audience: SetUnit's reader base is vast, varied, and voraciously vocal about their love for high-quality, satirical news. We reach millions of unique readers monthly, hailing from all corners of the internet. Our readers are tech-savvy, humor-hungry, and always in search of the next big chuckle. From the meme lords of the interwebs to the casual browser escaping real-world news, SetUnit serves up satire for all.In essence, while our auditory might be average-sized, our audience is MASSIVE.

We promise your message will be heard, seen, and possibly chuckled at.👂🌍😂

Could you design my banners for my advertising campaign?

Absolutely! At SetUnit, we're not just about tickling funny bones. We've got a team of design wizards who have perfected the art of making things look pretty, quirky, and outright click-worthy. Whether you're going for a sophisticated aura or leaning into our offbeat vibe, we've got you covered.Our process:

Listening Session: We'll kick things off with a good ol' chat (or a game of charades if you're feeling adventurous) to understand your needs, brand personality, and whether you prefer GIFs or static images.
Conceptualization: Our team will brainstorm, typically involving copious amounts of coffee and doodling, to come up with designs that align with your objectives while adding our SetUnit touch.
Review: Once we've drafted some jaw-dropping mock-ups, you get to play the role of the critique. Point, pick, and tweak as needed.
Finalization: We refine the banners based on your feedback and, if necessary, sprinkle them with a dash of our signature humor.
Launch: Armed with your spiffy new banners, you'll be ready to make waves in the advertising sea!

So, whether you're after a sleek design or a banner sprinkled with satire, our team has the tools and the humor to make it happen. And yes, if you want a funny cat somewhere in there, consider it done! 🐱🎨🖌️

Do you have money back guaranty?

Of course! At SetUnit, we stand firmly behind the quality of our wit... and our services. If our humor doesn't tickle your funny bone or if our designs somehow miss the mark (we blame the office gnome for that), we've got you covered.
Here's the deal:

Feedback First: Let us know what's not floating your boat. Maybe it's a pun that fell flat or a color that’s more "meh" than "marvelous." We're big believers in second chances.
Refinement Round: Based on your input, we'll make the necessary tweaks faster than a cat meme goes viral. We aim to turn that frown upside down, metaphorically speaking.
Still Not Satisfied? If after the refinement, you still feel we missed the mark, we'll launch our money-back protocol. No fuss, no muss!
Refund: We'll process your refund, ensuring that your coins head back to their rightful owner. We might shed a tear or two, but hey, we want you to be happy!

Our aim is always 100% satisfaction. But if for any reason we're not your cup of tea (or coffee, we don't judge), rest assured you won't be out of pocket. And who knows, maybe you'll come back for another round of puns and jests in the future! 💸🔙🤡

Do you have any discounts?

Why, hello there, savvy saver! At SetUnit, not only do we serve up fresh scoops of satire, but we also sprinkle in some delightful deals from time to time. Here's the lowdown:

First-Timers' Treat: New to our zany world? Welcome aboard! We offer a special discount for those taking their first plunge into the SetUnit universe. Think of it as our way of saying, "Nice to meet you!"
Refer-a-Friend Reward: Got buddies who could use a dose of SetUnit magic? Refer them to us, and when they make a purchase, you'll get a nifty discount on your next one. Sharing is caring, after all.
Holiday Hullabaloos: Keep an eye out during special occasions, holidays, and whenever Mercury is in retrograde (kidding, sort of). We roll out thematic discounts that are as unpredictable as our content.
Bulk Bonanza: If you're looking to place a hefty order or collaborate on multiple projects, give us a shout. We're always open to discussing volume discounts and package deals.
Newsletter Nifties: Subscribed to our newsletter? Smart move! Our subscribers often get exclusive offers and sneak peeks. If you're not on the list yet, what are you waiting for?

So, whether you're hunting for bargains or just here for the laughs, SetUnit has got you covered. Discounts, chuckles, and top-notch services? Now, that's a winning combo! 🎉💰🎭

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