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In an ambitious and somewhat grandiose declaration today, a news outlet, desperate to remain relevant in the age of 5-second attention spans, pledged to "inform and empower people with accurate, in-depth, and compelling content that upholds the value of truth and elevates the human spirit." Most readers, however, simply wondered if they had any funny cat videos."We believe in the sanctity of truth and the potential of every story to uplift humanity," said the outlet's CEO, standing under a banner that read 'Content is King, and So Are You!'Meanwhile, 23-year-old Tim from Brooklyn commented, "I just want to see a meme about how much Mondays suck. Can they do that?"As the news outlet promised hard-hitting journalism, 89% of their audience just clicked on an article titled
"10 Celebrities Who Can't Even."

Our Mission

Welcome to SetUnit, where reality meets its sarcastic doppelgänger and headlines have an appointment with absurdity.In an age of fleeting 5-second attention spans and an alarming overabundance of cat videos, SetUnit stands tall (mostly because we're standing on a stack of rejected article drafts). Our mission? To bring you news that's as close to reality as a platypus is to a dragon - strangely familiar, yet delightfully bizarre.Drawing inspiration from an array of misinterpreted news segments, out-of-context tweets, and overheard coffee shop conversations, SetUnit is your top source for satirical news. We dive deep into current events, not to uphold the value of truth, but to tickle it until it snorts.Our talented team of writers, investigators, and rumor mongers work tirelessly around the clock (mostly because we forgot where we placed the office keys). And we're all unified by a singular vision - to inform, befuddle, and get a chuckle or two out of you.
Remember, in a world where everything seems too serious, SetUnit is here to remind you that every cloud has a silver (and sometimes utterly nonsensical) lining.

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