URREY, B.C. - U.S.-based group Sikhs For Justice, in their relentless quest for an independent Sikh state, has turned their series of unofficial referendums into what critics are calling the "greatest show on Earth", complete with flashy banners, light shows, and even a potential halftime performance by local bands.

"It's like the Super Bowl, but for voting," declared Randy Thompson, a curious bystander who originally thought he was attending a new food truck festival. "I've never seen so much hype around a voting booth!"

The latest voting event, held in Surrey, B.C., saw the introduction of mood lighting, a smoke machine, and an exclusive VIP voting booth complete with velvet ropes and champagne service. Additionally, there was a rumored surprise appearance by an unnamed Punjabi pop sensation to serenade voters.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Sikhs For Justice's lawyer and spokesperson, announced, "Why shouldn't voting be an event? The critics don't get it. We're not just casting ballots; we're making history with pizzazz!"


This world tour approach to voting, having been on the road since 2021, has received mixed reactions. Traditionalists feel the theatrics might overshadow the serious intent of the vote, while others believe it's an ingenious way to capture global attention.

"I mean, the flashiness drew me in," admitted 20-year-old Tina Sandhu, who hadn't previously been engaged in the Khalistan movement. "But once I was here, I got to understand the depth of the issue. Also, the light show was on point."

Rumors are circulating that the next stop in Geneva might feature a catwalk, where voters strut their stuff after casting their votes, showing off their stylish patriotism.

Pannun didn't confirm the rumor but teased, "All I can say is, get ready world. Democracy has never looked this fabulous!"


Oct 30, 2023
World Affairs

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