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When the Budget's Tight, But the War Drags on, and Dogs Might Lead Better Than Men

U.S. funds for Ukraine dwindle, Zelenskyy quips about a dog-led peace, and Ukraine prolongs martial law amidst maritime strifeÔÇösuggesting even a dog's rule could be a relief.
World Affairs

Zelenskyy's War-Time Wonders: Juggling Grenades, Dodging Ballots, and Maldivian Escapades

President Zelenskyy navigates the absurdity of war, rejecting elections while a Ukrainian lawmaker's Maldives getaway contrasts sharply with the stark realities of the battlefield. Western support flutters symbolically as Ukraine's drama unfolds on the global stage.

Meet GPT-4 Turbo: Your Personal Brainiac Bot on a Budget

OpenAI has turbocharged the AI scene with GPT-4 Turbo, a model so smart it could probably read your mind if it wasn't too busy summarizing encyclopedias. Get ready for custom chatbots on a budget, making personal AIs the new normal like avocado on toast.
World Affairs

When Class is Out: The Walkout on Hillary's Watch

In a Twist of Academic Irony, Students at Columbia Give Hillary Clinton an Unplanned Lesson in Freedom of Speech

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