TTAWA ÔÇô In a bold move to curb rising inflation, Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem has proposed a solution that takes advantage of Canada's rich board game heritage: using Monopoly money to offset runaway prices.

"Look, if fiscal and monetary policy can't row in the same direction, we might as well just paddle in the Monopoly waters," Macklem declared during his recent appearance before the House of Commons finance committee.

His revolutionary plan involves the strategic introduction of brightly colored Monopoly cash into the Canadian economy. "Every Canadian household probably has a Monopoly set collecting dust. It's time to put it to good use," the governor exclaimed.

Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan was quick to question this unconventional approach. "Are you suggesting we pay for our Tim Hortons with fake money?" To which Macklem responded, "Only if you landed on Free Parking first."

Macklem went on to explain that this brilliant strategy achieves two primary goals. "Not only will this reduce the real money in circulation, helping to curb inflation, but it also gets families to finally play board games together again. Double win!"

Internationally, economists are scratching their heads. "I've seen some unique solutions to economic problems, but this is next level," said an economist from the Bank of England.

The governor, however, remains confident. "Canada's deficit-to-GDP ratio is the lowest in the G7, but our Monopoly-to-Real Money ratio? Off the charts!"

Upon hearing the news, board game enthusiasts across the nation rejoiced. "Finally, my obsessive hoarding of Boardwalk and Park Place will pay off in the real world!" exclaimed one Monopoly champion from Winnipeg.

The move has also caused a surge in board game sales and a sudden interest in other games. Rumors suggest the government is considering using Scrabble tiles to boost literacy rates next.


Oct 31, 2023

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